“My Child Is Autistic, Where Do I Start?”

Child with blonde, curly hair and blue eyes.

Hello. I’m Jaime, and I’m a late-diagnosed autistic woman who has dedicated her life to helping neurotypical (non-autistic) people understand the autistic people in their lives. If you recently found out your child is autistic, I’d recommend starting with the articles, books, and social media accounts linked below. 

Why You Should Never Do ABA

The Great Big ABA Opposition Resource List

Articles to Help You Better Understand Your Autistic Child

Books to Help You Better Understand Your Autistic Child

Social Media Accounts to Help You Better Understand Your Autistic Child

Responsive Parenting

The Articulate Autistic

Private Email Consultations With Me

If you’re looking for additional information and one-on-one help, I also offer private email consultations. Click on the link below or here to get started.

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  1. Rebekah Forrest says:

    I am an Occupational therapist Assistant and Neurotypical who works/ volunteers with Neurodivergent children. Your website is very informative, I so appreciate your insight as it is very challenging being neurological trying not to pverwhelm the children I work with at this time. Have you ever heard of Temple Grandin, or Rupert Issacson? I follow their work a d didn’t know if you had listen to them.
    Thank you Again for your website. I follow you on LinkedIn

    Rebekah Forrest

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