Private Consultations

Are you struggling to communicate with your autistic loved one? Are there multiple misunderstandings happening between you? I’d love to help you with a private consultation!

I will give you advice about a situation happening with your autistic loved one. Send me a message with specifics about your autistic loved one (personal information not necessary) and what communication problems you’re experiencing. I will interpret your loved one’s behavior from the perspective of an autistic adult, and I will help you, the neurotypical person, communicate with your loved one in a more effective way, so that you both understand each other better. 

Important: I am not a therapist and my advice does not constitute or replace medical or psychiatric advice. This is just a conversation with an autistic adult who can help you get a better understanding of your loved one on the spectrum.

The $25 fee is for 4 messages total between us. You send me a message with details about your situation, I write you back, you send me another message if you need clarification, I send you a final message. (Further communication can be purchased at an additional fee.)

Click on the link below to get started on, which is where I’m currently hosting my consultation platform. We can message each other through the website. I look forward to helping you communicate more effectively with your autistic loved one!

Book a Consultation

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