Neurodivergent Empathetic Listener

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Hello! I’m Jaime, and I’m a late-diagnosed autistic/ADHD person. I offer empathetic listening with a neurodivergent twist. This means, instead of listening to you and then offering you understanding through words of affirmation such as, “Oh, that must be so difficult”, I’ll share similar struggles I’ve experienced and brainstorm with you and/or give you advice on improving your situation!

Talking with me over Zoom is a dynamic experience filled with honesty, compassion, commiseration, and humor. If you’re also neurodivergent and prefer the empathetic listening I offer, this gig might be the perfect match for you!

Note: Please contact me in advance before booking a gig, so I know and approve of what we’ll be discussing. I want to be sure we are a good match.

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