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Do you (your autistic loved one) find learning uncomfortable or even traumatic?

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In many cases, learning can cause me actual trauma and flashbacks. This is something I wrote about in this blog post

As a kid and young adult, I don't think I realized that learning affected me in a completely different way than my neurotypical counterparts.

My reaction to my extreme stress at not being able to understand 80 percent of what I was being taught was to either not show up to school at all or completely disassociate during class. I was thought of as lazy, unmotivated, uncaring, and even dumb. 

While I do have learning disabilities, it was never laziness or being "dumb". I just learn differently and not in the way I and most other kids were taught. 

Do you or your autistic loved one struggle with learning? Do they find it uncomfortable or even traumatic? If so, how do you work through this struggle? 

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